Adam Shoalts: Alone Against the North

Apparently my favourite type of non-fiction is when the narrator
journeys alone into the unknown... It doesn't make much sense because Meg and I always describe ourselves as "indoor girls," and yet I find myself always buying any book about someone venturing into the wilderness. I suppose it could be because I've always loved Robyn Davidson (who crossed the Australian desert alone in 1977) saying, "I'd like to believe an ordinary person is capable of anything," and I like to read the proof of that as often as possible. Also, Meg and I are partaking in a 4-day hike in June and are already planning the pitch for our book deal, so reading Alone Against the North: An Expedition Into the Unknown by Adam Shoalts was a matter of research.


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 8


Elizabeth Gilbert: Committed

This is hands down the most interesting book I've ever read in my
life. I've read it twice through fully now and I go back to specific parts quite frequently. I can see myself reading it ~100 more times. Everybody who has been in a relationship, wants to be in a relationship, is married, divorced, single, thinking about a breakup, engaged, etc. NEEDS to read this. I feel like it should be part of a sociology curriculum to be honest. I found this book by fluke in a used book store, without even knowing about its existence, and it's completely changed how I view my own relationships and other peoples' as well. Settle in this is going to be long as hell.


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 7


Joan Didion: South and West

Man, I never thought I would be getting to skim through a new Joan Didion book. While getting anything new from her is like the best gift I could ever receive, I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I found out it was just a 160-paged publication of her old notes from the 70’s. I still hold out hope that we will get SOMETHING new from Didion before she dies, but I’ll take literally whatever I can get from her.


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 6


Elin Hilderbrand: The Love Season

When we started this blog I would have sworn I preferred non-
fiction but it's becoming more apparent to me with each post how much I truly love fiction. As far as fiction goes, Hilderbrand novels are like crack. Eventually I will have to do an author spotlight on her but for now- The Love Season. This is one of my favourite Hilderbrand books so far and I read it in a single day on the beach over Christmas break. It's a complicated story of a few dark, relatable, and captivating relationships. Part of me wants to re-read it right now but I must get through our book club selection.


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 5


Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl

I honestly probably never would have read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn if Stefan hadn’t bought it for me, and it wasn’t until I saw this great quote from Flynn discussing female violence that I felt glad I’d actually read it. I’m at a point in my life where I feel very angry, and I like to say that whenever I’m rewatching the David Fincher film adaption of this book that the men in my life should take it as a direct threat.


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 4


Carrie Fisher: Shockaholic

Carrie Fisher died while I was on vacation in Florida and honestly,
before it was announced that she was in critical condition, I'm not sure I could have told you who she was. I'm a '91 baby sooooo the original Star Wars isn't exactly on my radar. I always get super depressed when celebrities die, perhaps this is normal, perhaps not. I went right away to a used bookstore looking for one of her books and they only had a small selection (with prices marked up of course). I picked Shockaholic over the fiction option but I was completely unfamiliar with the book beforehand. Yes, another celebrity memoir for my collection. 


We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 3